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L.Fraumano Transport was first established in 2006  and is  run by the Company's Owner & Director, Mr Luke Fraumano.


Luke has been involved in the transport & logistics industry for many years prior to the

Company's Establishment, and at various levels of service.  This hands on experience has

given him a complete understanding not to mention the expertise that is required to  continuously

provide a professional & first class service to all clientele. Luke takes pride in running his business at

such a level that he will personally take the time to ensure the utmost satisfaction of every client. 


L.F.T understands that customer needs do not only vary greatly, but need to be constantly assessed and re-addressed

in order to obtain whatever  goals &  standards are required.


L.F.T has earned a great report with many valued customers over the years as shown in the following statement

made by The Manager of Visy Specialties, " I class this service level as excellent" and further more "

I therefore recommend L.Fraumano Transport as a reliable, high quality transport provider."

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